Preview of the SustainBeef results charts for the Farm FR.Lor-BF


Fruchtfolge is a simple to use decision support tool for farmers. It provides users with an economically optimal cropping and fertilization strategy for each of their fields. By leveraging linked-open-data, creating an optimized cropping plan only takes a few minutes. The application is free, open source, and build using GAMS + Nuxt.js + Node.js (Express.js).

Screenshots from the Fruchtfolge application


Linter-GAMS is an open source GAMS IDE build atop the Atom editor. It brings features such as advanced code navigation, an R-Studio like environment pane for live inspecting parameter, variable and equation values, as well as model aware autocompletion. Linter-GAMS can be used with any GAMS model, but was specifically designed for large scale, multi file models such as FarmDyn , Capri , and CGEBox .

Screenshots from the Fruchtfolge application


Observables are notebooks that can be used to prototype visualisation ideas, algorithms, and even mathematical programming models.

Screenshot from the data storytelling in operations research observable notebook